School History

Opening Date: Sept. 12, 1962


In the 1980s, Woodson was ranked first and received the Washington Post Athletic All-Around (all sports) Award. Fall football games are still held on Friday nights and are well attended by students, parents, and community members. The highlight of each fall is Homecoming Week. Activities take place each day with evening activities such as a bonfire and Powder Puff game, and of course, the football game and the Homecoming dance. Many alumni members plan their visits home to coincide with Homecoming. Athletics continues to be a part of the "Woodson Way," and in both 2004 and 2005, the Girls Lacrosse team won state titles. The Boys Soccer team reached the state finals in 2005, where they captured the state title.


Music has also had a strong tradition at WTW. During the 1960's, the music department presented a mammoth production each February known as the "Extravaganza." This tradition has been succeeded by the equally elaborate and popular "Dessert on Broadway." The Cavalier Band, always an impressive organization, has won top honors in national competitions. The orchestra performs at many school events and is renowned for its talented musicians. The spring musical, originally called the "Senior Play," has always been a major part of student life at Woodson, and has been moved to the fall to accommodate the various spring trips taken by the music department. The choral group traveled to Vienna and Paris and students actually performed at Notre Dame. In 2011, The Chamber Ensemble performed in the White House's East Wing, after receiving an invitation to play at the President's residence. In addition to the many good and contributing citizens that Woodson has produced, some graduates have gone on to incredible accomplishments.



  • Andy Heck, a pro-football player, formerly with the Redskins and now the offensive line coach for the Jacksonville Jaguars
  • Tommy Amaker, an All-American basketball player at Duke who is now head coach at Harvard University
  • Michael Weiss, U. S. skating and Olympic champion
  • Steve Marino, professional golfer

Cultural Contributions

  • Lynn Herring has played Lucy Coe on television's soap opera "General Hospital" for many years
  • David Chase works on Broadway as a musical directorin New York City
  • Marissa Lippert was named "Best Nutritionist" by New York Citysearch for five years in a row and authored The Cheater's Diet
  • Loryn Brantz is an Emmy Award winner for her work on Sesame Street and is an author and illustrator of books for children.


  • Tommy Perelli served as an assistant to Janet Reno, the Attorney General, at the Justice Department, then was selected as associate Attorney General for the Obama administration, serving until his retirement in 2012.
  • Lee Millette, as judge of the Circuit Court of Prince William County, presided over the capital murder trial of the Beltway Sniper. Millette now serves as a justice on the Supreme Court of Virginia.


  • Cady Coleman, astronaut, returned to Woodson to share with students a video of her July 1999 space shuttle mission. Many WTW graduates probably remember Mrs. Ruth Opp, chemistry teacher. At the age of 87, Mrs. Opp returned to Woodson for an emotional reunion with Cady, one of her students from the 1970s. Mrs. Opp's words of wisdom for the current student body were to "Think positively, and you can do anything."