Student Parking

Students and parents are reminded that parking on the Woodson High School campus during normal school hours is by permit only. The visitor spaces in front of the school are reserved for persons having a legitimate need to meet with counselors, teachers, etc. and are not for overflow parking.

Parking Application (online application with separate account - this link takes you to a website outside of FCPS)

Please have the following information ready to complete the application:

  • Drivers License and Student ID Number
  • Vehicle Make, Model, Year, Color, Plate Number / State
  • Registered Owner Information and Relationship to Driver 
  • Insurance Company and Policy Number

Permit Prices:

August 14th through November 1st - $200.00

November 4th through January 24th - $150.00

January 27th through April 3rd - $100.00

April 14th through June 12th - $50.00

Payment is via MySchoolBucks.  Instructions:  Login to MySchoolBucks and click on School Store.  Select Browse All Items and you will see the Parking Permit payment option.  Select your student and Add to Basket.  Complete your transaction.

Students are required to bring a copy of their payment receipt and application confirmation to the Security Office at E116. Once the Security Office receives your application and receipt, they will verify your application and issue your permit.

For more information, contact our safety and security assistant Rick Mey at @email