Student Services Staff and Points of Contact

Director of Student Services

School Counselors

Students are assigned a school counselor based on their last name. For example, a student with a last name beginning with A through Cah would have Mr. Dell Orso as his/her student counselor.

Name Part of Alphabet Email Address Phone Number
Matthew Dell Orso A - Cah @email 703.503.4626
Linda Mehaffey Cai - Duc @email 703.503.4627
Adrienne Wood Dud - Hei @email 703.503.4768
Grady Ford Hej - Kim @email 703.503.4628
Elizabeth Walter Kin - McA @email 703.503.4634
Alaina Proffitt McB - Os @email 703.503.4750
Ashley Kovachik Ot - Saz @email 703.503.4631
Megan Glyck Sb - N. Tran @email 703.503.4633
Michael Matthews O. Tran - Z @email 703.503.4629
Jennifer Parker CSS @email 703.503.4778

Support and Special Resources Staff

Name Title Email Address Phone Number
Risha Lamba School Psychologist @email 703.503.4712
Shannon Rousos Social Worker


Amy Young Social Worker for Students who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing 703.503.4783
Kathie Ishii Career Center Specialist 703.503.4634
Kathleen Guinee Assessment Coach @email 703.503.4805
Patricia Davis 504 School-based Coordinator Counselor @email 703.503.4784
Jennifer Graybill Transcript / Administrative Assistant @email 703.503.4623
Christine Lieb-Mosley Registrar @email 703.503.4622

Parent Liaisons

Susan Kwan | | 703.503.4790

Phong Nguyen | @email | 703.503.4831

Sussy Tomer | @email | 703.503.4792


Point of Contact

Department Chair

Adrienne Wood

Alcanza Liaison Grady Ford, Ashley Kovachik, Linda Mehaffey

Boys' State

Elizabeth Walter

College Partnership Program

Grady Ford and Michael Matthews

Financial Aid

Kathleen Ishii

Girls' State

Elizabeth Walter

Governor's School

Matthew Dell'Orso and Elizabeth Walter

WTW Career Fair, Investigating Career Opportunities

Kathleen Ishii

NCAA Liaison

Grady Ford

NOVA Trip Grady Ford, Michael Matthews, Jennifer Parker

Senior Awards

Kathleen Ishii

SSD Coordinator

Kathleen Guinee

Test Coordinator - AP, SOL, PSAT

Kathleen Guinee

Test Coordinator - ASVAB

Kathleen Ishii

Thomas Jefferson School of Science and Technology Liaison

Adrienne Wood