New Student Registration

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Welcome to Woodson High School!

We're excited to welcome our newest Cavaliers!

New students fall into one of two registration categories:

  • Students who are new to Woodson High School and are not currently enrolled in another school in FCPS.
  • Students who are new to Woodson High School and who are currently enrolled in FCPS, but not a rising 9th-grade student who previously attended Frost Middle School as an 8th-grade student. Rising 9th-grade students who attended Frost Middle School as 8th-grade students do not need to enroll. 

To join us, first determine if your student lives in our boundary by viewing the FCPS boundary locator

If your student does live in the Woodson HS boundary, please fill out the new student registration intake form below. This form will be submitted to Darlene Sheppard, our school registrar, who will be able to assist you with the new student registration process.

Please submit this new student registration intake form in English.

Please enter the day, month, and year the student was born. For example - January 12, 2002
Student Mailing Address
Is this the Student's First Year in FCPS?
If applicable, please share any additional information that you would like our school registrar to know.

New Student Registration Forms

Visit the FCPS registration page to learn more.

Additional Resources

Students Living Outside the Woodson Boundaries (Student Transfers)

You must first register at the school assigned to you based on your residence.  You may then put in a transfer request with the Transfer Office.  It is up to the Transfer Office and not the school to approve the request.  Currently, Woodson is considered a “Closed School” for the upcoming school year.  This means that Woodson may not be an option in all transfer cases.  For more information, please visit the FCPS student transfer webpage.

Registering a Student Whose Home Language Is Other Than or In Addition to English

Student families wishing to register a student with a home language other than or in addition to English should please contact the FCPS Student Registration Welcome Center. Here professionals may assess your student's English language skill and/or educational level. These assessments can provide valuable information to the local school and support your child's instructional needs.  

Special Registration Situations

Special registration situations can include nonparent registrations, situations involving divorced or separated parents, homelessness, foster care, and foreign exchange students.

Military Family Registration

FCPS welcomes responsive and collaborative communication and partnerships with the parents and families of our students.