Student Testing

Testing in FCPS

SOLs (Virginia Standards of Learning)

  • SOLs are the commonwealth's expectations for student learning and achievement. Please visit the Virginia Department of Education website for details. 
  • End-of-Course SOL Tests at Woodson will be offered to identified seniors, transfer students, and students needing retakes in early December.  Regular testing window occurs in April and May for all students. 
  • The 2023 SOL Testing Dates are:

Wednesday, April 26th Reading
Thursday, April 27th Chemistry, Geosystems
Friday, April 28th

World History 2 & VAUS History

Monday, May 15th Biology
Tuesday, May 16th Algebra I & Algebra 2
Wednesday, May 17th Geometry
  • Attendance - It is important that your child attend school on these days. If possible, please avoid scheduling trips or appointments that would take your child out of school during this time period. It is also important that your child have a good night’s rest and a healthy breakfast before testing. If you become aware of an unavoidable conflict that could result in your child missing a testing day, please notify your child’s school counselor as soon as possible.
  • Laptops and Personal Electronic Devices

    Students are required to use FCPS-issued laptops for SOL testing. Students are responsible for making sure their software is up to date and their keyboards, screens, etc. are in good working order. All repairs must be completed by Tuesday, April 25th. 

    Students may not have access to their electronic personal devices of any kind (phones, watches, etc.) in the SOL testing environment, except in the case of a documented medical need.  Please be aware that any personal devices carried into the testing environment will be subject to the school’s established procedures for addressing this as a test security concern. 


AP Exams

  • Advanced Placement Exams Schedule
  • Advanced Placement (AP) Exams will take place in early May. Students in an AP class are automatically enrolled to take the exam. AP exam dates can be found on the College Board website or in Student Services (E103).
  • Students who are NOT in an AP class but would like to take an AP exam should contact Ms. Glover (703-503-4623) for registration information. You may also stop by her desk in Room E103 or email her at @email
  • AP Accommodations:
  • All requests for College Board AP testing accommodations must be submitted at least 8 weeks prior to testing. Please contact Ms. Guinee, Woodson’s Assessment Coach, at @email, for more information.

PSAT Testing Information

In Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS) and across the United States, students in grades ten and eleven will take a Preliminary SAT (PSAT) on October 2021.

Students may prepare for the PSAT by getting a good night’s sleep prior to the test and eating breakfast the morning of the test.  Students need to bring a calculator and two No. 2 pencils to the test.  It is also recommended that students bring snacks and drinks, which they may access during the two 5-minute breaks during the test.  Electronic devices (cell phones, Bluetooth devices, smartwatches, etc.) must be turned off and put away for the entire testing period.

Students with an approved accommodation for extended testing time must arrange for transportation home from school since they will not finish testing before the buses depart (PSAT with 50% extended time – dismissal at approximately 2:10PM).

Contact Kathleen Guinee, Assessment Coach, at @email with questions.

PSAT Score Reports

Students will be able to view scores via College Board’s website at using their student ID or access code. Access codes will be emailed to student Gmail accounts prior to the score release date. Students who do not currently have a College Board online account will need to create one to view scores.