Advanced Placement (AP)

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Summer Enrichment Assignments

These assignments are OPTIONAL, but a great way to ensure that your student is prepared for class in the fall.

If you do not see your class, you do not have any Summer Enrichment assignments.

AP Calculus AB

AP Calculus BC*

AP Literature

AP Spanish

AP United States History

AP World History Modern

*Answer key for BC Calculus will be posted in early August.

AP Exam Accommodations:

Students who qualify for accommodations in their classes may qualify for accommodations during AP Testing. All accommodations must be approved by the College Board's Services for Students with Disabilities (SSD).

College Board approval is required for every student - even those who receive accommodations in their classes. To check if your student may be eligible, refer to the College Board Page on eligibility. 

Students who have already been granted accommodations on the PSAT and SAT will have the same accommodations for their AP Tests. 

It is the family's responsibility to initiate this process - not the school. Please look at the following steps. 

1. Choose the accommodations.  Refer to the website to determine which accommodations your student would like to request on the College Board Website.

2. Complete the Student/Parent Consent Form for Accommodations Request. Forms are also available at Student Services desk. 

3. Submit the consent form, along with the list of the specific accommodations being requested, to Ms. Guinee in Student Services


Woodson AP Courses

Advanced Placement (AP) courses meet a prescribed syllabus developed by the College Board. These courses represent college level study. Woodson offers coursework to prepare students for more than twenty AP exams. 

AP Courses are open to all students at Woodson. However, students who wish to enroll in an AP course without a recommendation from their current teacher in that AP’s respective subject will need parental permission. It is important that students make wise choices based on their time availability and what courses best suit them. Please refer to the AP Expectations to learn more about what students can expect from each course throughout the year.

Click here for a detailed list provided by College Board.

W.T. Woodson AP Course Offerings

Note:  As with any advertised course, the decision on whether to actually operate the course is dependent on having sufficient enrollment and qualified staff. Each link will provide information about the course and exam from College Board.


New to AP? Look over our Frequently Asked Questions to be sure you understand what makes an AP course unique.