Woodson in the 1990's

Mr. Billak was followed by Dr. Gary Miller. Under his direction, Woodson saw the development of the Student Leadership class during the 1990s. In spring, 1991, Dr. Miller decided that student leadership needed to be more involved; he had noticed that the student life seemed to lack enthusiasm at Woodson High.  Consequently, he came up with the idea of taking a group of students to Nags Head for an entire week during the summer to “learn leadership skills” and “plan activities that would involve ALL students” for the upcoming school year.  He got a “loan”, two un-airconditioned school buses, and convinced about 15 faculty members to give up a week of their personal summer vacation to join the 50+ students for a week-long beach leadership retreat.  

Afterwards, Dr. Miller was a familiar face in Leadership as he co-taught the class. The annual highlight of this group continued to be the summer retreat to set goals for the new school year. 

The 1990s also saw some dedications and special recognitions of some of our outstanding staff such as the Red Jenkins gym, the Lee Knupp baseball, and the Joan Bedinger Auditorium.  In addition, our English teacher, Gretchen Portwood, was named “FCPS Teacher of the Year,” and the following year Michael Ehrlich was second in line for the same honor.  Also, Mel Ishii, the special ed department chair, was named the Spillane Leadership award.  

Woodson also had an addition for special education students done in the 90’s.  This addition/renovation was headed by Principal Barbara Lanzer, who not only graduated from WTW but also was a principal here.

Block Scheduling was implemented, so the 6 period day and 50 minute classes became obsolete.

One of the class gifts was “the rock” which still holds a prominent position in the front of the school.

This decade also brought air-conditioning to WTW and the addition of the "block schedule" with ninety-minute classes that meet every other day.