Mission Statement

The Woodson SGA/Leadership Class serves to instill values of integrity, service, passion, and cooperation into its students and the school community.  We provide an opportunity for dedicated students to be positive role models both inside and outside of the classroom and make Woodson a better place.  Our goal is to make a difference in our school and community through a passionate commitment to integrity, diversity, and principled service.  We strive to reach out and include students at Woodson in an effort to unify its community, encourage involvement, and instill school spirit and pride. Students learn and develop leadership skills for the future and then put these skills into practice through the planning and implementation of events.

Who We Are & What We Do

“Try to leave this world a little better than you found it” were the last words of Boy Scouts founder, Robert Baden-Powell.  Granted this goal is a little broad for 110 high school Leadership students to accomplish, but we certainly try, and we try close to home.  Our efforts, our campaigns, our ventures are all with a combined determination to improve and engage the W.T. Woodson community, from the localized projects to bring school pride, quite literally, on the walls of Woodson, to the momentous annual Woodson 5k for charity.  Service is perhaps the most important aspect of what we do: our school dances serve the student body; our event planning and direction provides a workforce for the administration; and our careful orchestration allows for seamless community involved occasions for, as John C. Maxwell, leadership expert and guide, once said, “the first step to leadership is servitude.”

Who's Who?


Dan Schaefer DJSchaefer@fcps.edu

Lynn Schmauder PLSchmauder@fcps.edu

Leadership sponsors

Student Government Leadership 2017-18

Charisma Henry (President), Tim Curry (Vice President), Justin Laiti, Reagen Smith, Carl Maahs, Jacob Yim

Student Advisory Council

Ryan McLaughlin (Chair), Ariana Asefi, Jess Yoo, Jackson Leech

Events and Activities and Summer Events (June - August)

  • Cavalier Kick-Off Dance (September)
  • Fall Festival (October)
  • Winter Wear Collection Drive (December)
  • Winter Semi-Formal (February)
  • Hey Day!
  • SGA/SAC/Class Council Elections
  • T-Shirt Fridays