Attendance Line     

For all attendance related issues, please call the automated phone line at 703-503-4800.

Check in Form

Check Out Form

Attendance Automated Line

For all attendance related issues, please call the automated phone line at 703-503-4800.  Please select option 1 for all day absences; option 2 for tardies; option 3 for anything else.

Attendance calls (robo calls/texts/emails) go out twice daily.  Parents should receive morning notifications at approximately 11 a.m.; evening at approximately 6 p.m.  If you have called your student in as tardy or as an all day absence and receive a morning call, there is no need to call the Attendance Office again. Students arriving to school late are updated upon their arrival, not when the message was left (for example, if you call at 7 a.m. but your student doesn’t check in until 11a.m., attendance is not updated until they physically check in at the Attendance Office).

Attendance is updated throughout the day; however, there are times we are unable to decipher a call due to possible poor cell phone reception, no spelling of the last name, or two students with the same name (in which case please give us either the grade, student ID, or middle name).  If you receive a 2nd notification that evening, please call back and leave another message, making certain to specify which date you are referencing.

Attendance Procedures

All Day Absences

Please select option 1.  Speaking slowly and clearly, leave the student’s name and s-p-e-l-l the student’s last name, the given first name (no nicknames please), your name and relationship to the student (we must hear from a parent to excuse the absence regardless of the student’s age), and the reason for the absence.  If the absence is due to illness please let us know if the student has any of the following symptoms; sore throat, cough, vomiting, diarrhea or fever, as the clinic must track these.  Lastly, please leave a contact number should we need to reach you. 

Checking in Tardy

Please notify the Attendance Office if your student will be late by either calling the tardy line (option 2) or sending a note (chose only one option please, not both) with your student.  Either note or call should include the reason for the tardy, the student’s first (given, no nicknames) and last name (spelling it on the phone line and writing it on the note, especially if different than the parent’s), and your relationship to the student.  Students must check in at the Attendance Office, regardless of the time they arrive at school, we have no way of knowing that they arrived if they do not check in!!!

Please remember that the following reasons for tardiness are unexcused:  oversleeping, missing the bus, car trouble, ride was late, weather conditions, working on homework, studying, and parental error.

Checking Out Early

Please send students in with a note to check out of school during the school day!!!  The student should bring the note to the Attendance Office in the morning to receive a pass to leave their classroom at the designated time.  They then come to the Attendance Office again where they will get their pass stamped allowing them to leave the building and meet you outside.  The information on the note should include: full given name (no nicknames), date, reason for checking out, time the student needs to leave the classroom (not the time of the appointment), parent’s original signature and a phone number for parent. 

Check out forms are available on the Woodson website that can be filled out and signed by a parent if preferred.

While we recognize that it’s not always possible to send a note, please help us by keeping calls for early release to a minimum.  It is difficult to have passes delivered to classrooms and we try to avoid interrupting instructional time in fairness to both teacher and students.  Please be considerate of staff, teachers and other students by asking your student to pick up their pass at the Attendance Office between classes or giving us ample time to make arrangements to deliver a pass to the classroom.

Prearranged Absences

Students may pick up a prearranged absence form from the Attendance Office for planned future absences (college visits, surgeries, etc) of more than two days.  Students should allow a minimum of 48 hours to complete the prearranged absence procedure.  There are 4 steps to completion of a prearranged absence:

  1.  Fill out the form and either have a parent sign on the designated line, or attach a note from the parent stating the reason for the absence and the dates.
  2. The student takes the form to all teachers to sign.
  3. Once all the teachers have signed the form, the student leaves it at the front office to be signed by an Assistant Principal.
  4. Once signed by an AP, the student returns the prearranged form to the Attendance Office.