The Spirit of Woodson High School

By Office of Communications
April 23, 2024

Wednesday, April 24, is Administrative Professionals Day. Thank you to all the FCPS employees who support our schools and offices and keep things running smoothly. 

Alexa Pugnetti, named the 2023 Outstanding School-Based Operational Employee at FCPS Honors, is appreciated across the community of Woodson High School by students, parents, and staff alike. 

“She is the spirit of this school as she often reminds administrators when we have forgotten to celebrate a birthday or recognize a student or employee for a job well done,” one of her honors nomination forms stated. “In any situation, Alexa is always looking for ways to make processes at Woodson more efficient which allows more time to focus on students and families.”   

When she was nominated for the honor, Alexa worked as an administrative assistant in the student activities office. Since then, she has been promoted to serving as the principal’s administrative assistant. 

“Alexa is selfless in her service to our school, and she is everyone’s go-to person,” said Principal Kevin Greata. “Somehow, she ensures everyone else’s needs are met while still completing her heavy workload. Without her, we would not be able to keep our focus on our students and staff. She is effective, efficient, thoughtful, and kind — a combination that is hard to beat!”

Alexa has worked at Woodson High School since 2016. 

“Alexa is the model of what the bridge between school and the community should look like,” another nomination stated. “She works to make every community member feel welcomed and heard when they come into our building.” 

Thank you, Alexa, and all our administrative professionals, for your support throughout the school year.