Ms. Moir Recognized as FCPS CARES of the Month Recipient!

January 2022 FCPS Region 5

By Department of Human Resources
March 22, 2022

Congratulations to Ms. Amy Moir on being recognized as the January 2022 Region 5 FCPS CARES Recipient of the Month by the FCPS Department of Human Resources.

Below is the write up submitted by a Woodson High School parent.

Our 10th grade son just finished performing in his first Dessert on Broadway this past weekend at Woodson HS. What an amazing experience it was! Woodson Choral Director, Amy Moir, clearly knows all of her students very well, casting every student who wanted to participate and finding them songs that showcase their strengths and that are engaging for the students and the audience. Students hone Portrait of a Graduate skills as they communicate with one another to set up and to execute group practices on their own time. They collaborate with one another and their student choreography as they think critically and creatively to create their pieces. I loved seeing how goal-driven and resilient my son was throughout the whole process with an authentic audience and chance to share their creation with their community as the carrot at the end. Ms. Moir also involves many other staff and students in this program. I believe two classroom teachers helped costume the entire cast. A Woodson student photographed the event. Many numbers were choreographed by students. Any student in the school could sign up to be a server for the dessert aspect of the show. Dessert on Broadway showcases the talents and hard-work ethic of so many Woodson students. It was a big disappointment to lose the Friday night show due to weather, but Ms. Moir had a plan and effectively communicated it to the students, the parents, and the ticket holders. Ms. Moir has clearly developed a strong Choral Booster organization in that DOB was run by a plethora of parent volunteers. I had the pleasure of running the cast & crew party after the show, and I loved seeing Ms. Moir interact with her students who clearly love and respect her. As she handed out student superlative awards to many in the production, her positive rapport was very apparent. What a treasure Ms. Moir is for our community.