Dr. Floyd Recognized as the FCPS 2022 Region 5 Outstanding Principal

Mr. Kuykendall, Ms. Hamrock, Mr. Akrasi, Ms. O'Brien, and Mr. Hogge Also Recognized at FCPS Honors

By Department of Human Resources
June 08, 2022

carlyn floydCongratulations to Dr. Carlyn Floyd who was recognized as the FCPS 2022 Region 5 Outstanding Principal and one of the five finalists for the FCPS Outstanding Principal at this year's FCPS Honors event, held at George Mason University Center for the Arts on June 8th.

A Fairfax native dedicated to giving back to the caring and student-centered school system that opened so many doors for her, Carlyn has made relationships the foundation of her work at Woodson High School. Carlyn has actively changed Cavalier culture to create a healthy balance of academic and social-emotional success, creating a school where every student is valued and forging a common sense of identity as #OneWoodson. Carlyn uses a variety of data to inform comprehensive and creative solutions to challenges. Believing connections through experiences are at the heart of all relationships and learning, she is always available to anyone in the Woodson community. Families and faculty alike appreciate Carlyn’s collaborative approach as a leader, mentor, teacher, and friend.

Congratulations to our following staff members who were also recognized at this year's FCPS Honors Ceremony!

Region 5 Outstanding Secondary New Teacher and Outstanding Secondary New Teacher Finalist

  • Mike Kuykendall, English Teacher

Outstanding Secondary Teacher School and Pyramid-Level Recipient

  • Susie Hamrock, Health and Physical Education Teacher

Outstanding School-based Operational Employee School-level Recipients

  • Paul Akrasi, Building Supervisor III
  • Jackie O'Brien, Administrative Assistant I

Outstanding School-based Professional Employee School-level Recipient

  • Chris Hogge, Certified Athletic Trainer

Thank you to Maura Edwards for all of her hard work with the nomination process by serving as this year's awards liaison.