Planning for the Future

Who Am I? Where Am I Going? How Do I Get There?

Everyone asks these questions - for big issues and for small issues. Good planning often has good results. We all want good things for you and hope you will plan ahead so you can do things the easy way and get great results.

The Student Learning Plan (SLP) is a structured process that helps students develop plans for their future.  will tell you about activities that will help students develop their .

Career Exploration provides links to inventory resources that will give students ideas for career research. Finding a career direction that matches your personality and interests may result in both a successful and a happy life.

Post-Secondary links to options after high school:

Career Exploration includes a broad range of links to sites that can tell you anything from majors that support a career to career specific information.

FCPS Academies provide career specific training and many essential certifications. Check their sites to discover if you can get training and certifications you need in high school.

Job Markets is a topic few students find interesting. Still, it is good to know if the career you plan to enter will offer many jobs. If jobs are few, you will have to be among the best.

Why Education? - U.S. government chart showing education's relationships to earnings and unemployment

Fastest Growing Occupations & Industries - Bureau of Labor and Statistics - data by education, occupation, and industry

Virginia Career View - Click Career Search (tiny search box in the upper right corner of the page) Job projection statistics are obvious and easy to understand. Both Virginia and National statistics will be provided if available. Many other career research options are available.

For Parents provides the links most parents want - security on campus, links for special needs students, and many, many more.