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There are two primary categories of aid


Colleges, corporations, and community groups pay for talent: academic, athletic, music, performing arts, residency, anything the the scholarship fund finds worthy.

Need Based Financial Aid

Comprised of Loans, Grants, and Work Study

Types of scholarships


  • Academic
  • Athletic
  • Talent of some kind


Defined by the sponsoring agency - may be strictly or loosely defined

Private groups and corporations

Educational institutions

Government agencies

Based on required financial filing which may be a form provided by the sponsoring agency, a FAFSA filing is a standard requirement for all educational institutions - baseline set by sponsoring group, a CSS Profile filing may be required by some institutions. (Some colleges will ask for all 3 types of forms. Check yours.)

Scholarship Distribution Categories

  • School-Independent Scholarships - don't restrict which specific college may receive payment although they may restrict the type of college such as 4-year or 2-year.
  • School-Dependent Scholarships - may only be used by a specific college, sometimes only for a specific area of study.

Students and parents are encouraged to check the financial aid pages of colleges to which they apply for school-dependent scholarships. These can be very good - sometimes even a full-ride. Do not forget to see if you are qualified for any of these and be sure to apply by or before the priority due dates set for the scholarships. Please remember that no single search option can include all possibilities.

Useful Links:

Scholarship Scams - Information from the Federal Trade Commission

College Access Fairfax - Local scholarships available in season. Enter "scholarship" in the search field to see what is available.

CollegeBoard - Parameters are: Educational level, Type of scholarship, Citizenship, Sex, Residence, Ethnicity, Disabilities, Religious background, Major, Clubs/Organizations, Military status, Parents military status.

CollegeNet - Two search levels: registered user and nonregistered. Nonregistered search parameters are: Age, Gender, Level in school.

Congressional Black Caucus Foundation - Point to CBCF...Leadership Institute, Click on Scholarship.

Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute - Search for Scholarships.

Co-operative Learning College Scholarships - Discover scholarships offered by colleges with co-operative learning programs.

Asian Pacific American Advocates - Click programs and click on scholarships to see what is available.

Hispanic Scholarship Fund - Click on Scholarships to see what is available.

FastWeb - Registration required.

FinAid - "The SmartStudent Guide to Financial Aid" Has rich offerings on everything from scam alerts to scholarship searches.

TheDream.US - multimillion dollar National Scholarship Fund for DREAMers (immigrant youth with DACA status)

Educators for Fair Consideration (E4FC) - Check scholarship list for possibilities

Golden Door Scholars - Scholarships for DACA students.  Fall application process

Dream Educational Empowerment Program - advocacy and support of undocumented immigrants

United Negro College Fund -  Point to "for Students" and click on Scholarships.

Virginia Education Wizard - Your connection to post-secondary educational opportunities. Includes online test prep, paying or college, exploring colleges, planning for colleges, finding careers and a portfolio option. 


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