School Dependent Scholarships

To receive a school dependent scholarship, applicants must be accepted by and attend the school providing the scholarship.

Check with colleges and universities for priority application dates that determine eligibility for their scholarships.

  • The BIG money usually comes from the schools, and scholarship values can vary widely. Some colleges offer a limited number of full-ride scholarships covering tuition & fees, board & room, plus books. Some colleges offer scholarships from $500 to the full cost of tuition and fees.
  • Check the Financial Aid Pages for ALL schools that interest you.  Also check with college alumnae associations for scholarships and scholarship application deadlines.
  • Discover what is required for the scholarship(s) you want.
  • If the scholarship from any college requires a nomination, speak with your counselor or the Career Center Specialist. You must let them know at least fifteen (15) school days before the nomination deadline.
    • WTW often has a limited number of nominations, and nominations often require recommendations.
    • With over 3,000 colleges, counselors cannot know about every nomination opportunity.
    • You cannot be nominated without your expressed interest/request, .
  • Deadlines are important. Check carefully with your college choices and check early.  Watch for priority application deadlines.  They are usually associated with getting the best consideration for scholarships. Some great scholarship applications are due in October as are some priority deadlines!!
  • Plan ahead. Many scholarship applications cannot be completed quickly. Many applications require attachments from several sources and tend to be due earlier than you might expect. There are some very big ones due in October.