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Academic Common Market

An agreement member state will provide in-state tuition for majors that are not offered in another member's state. Learn more about the program, see a list of Academic Common Market (ACM) majors and the ACM school offering them, and find an application for ACM tuition at


Find out how your schools of interest are accredited and what that accreditation means. Accreditation is important.

Campus Security

Searchable database of statistics for campuses and surrounding area. Be sure to read the introductory page for full understanding.

College Navigator

Published by the Institute of Education Sciences National Center for Education Statistics, this site provides information on everything from accreditation to crime statistics, graduation rates, and retention rates.

Fair Test

Reports colleges that de-emphasize college entrance exam test scores such as the SAT and ACT. As with all published lists, it is very important to check directly with the school's web site and admission information to ensure that you fully comprehend their stance on this testing. It is especially important to read the fine print for an SAT-optional school. It may be optional only under special circumstances.

Federal Financial Aid

The comprehensive site for federal financial aid.