Finding a Job

More Than a Job Search


Know your self. You will be happier with your work if it is well-matched to you. Take the inventories and find career matches.

Supervised Testing

The ASVAB Test and Career Program - offered once a year at W.T. Woodson High School.

Self-Administered Assessments:

  • Discover your preferences at the time the assessment is taken. Although not definitive, these assessments can be very useful as a tool to guide personal research
  • Each assessment will suggest careers you may enjoy.
    • Research the career!
    • What do people in each career do? Will you like doing that?
    • How do they get into that career? What education is required?
    • Will there be any jobs available? What are job projections where I want to work and live?
    • How much might I expect to earn?

Cluster Finder

  • Provided by FCPS. Found in Naviance Student
    • click the Career dropdown
    • click the ARROW by Explore Careers and Interests
    • click Career Cluster Finder
    • Go from a broad grouping of careers to discover careers you may enjoy.

Holland Interest Inventory

  • Provided by FCPS. Found in Naviance Student 
    • click the Career dropdown
    • click the ARROW by Explore Careers and Interests
    • click Career Interest Profiler
    • To get good results - When responding to statements, remember, they want you to respond to the idea of the activity not of the career.  Given the following statement: "Build kitchen cabinets."  You likw the idea of building kitchen cabinets. She likes working with wood.  You do NOT like the idea of being a cabinet maker. The correct response to that statement for her is like.
    • Once completed, this inventory provides a list of careers sorted by the amount of preparation required. Someone who might be very happy as an accountant or actuary will see "cashier" at the top of the list.
  • Get a list of careers that match your top three Holland Interest Inventory codes 
    • click the Career dropdown
    • click the EXPLORE
    • click the down-arrow by Lookup by Holland Code
    • Click on your top (the highest numbers in the profile results) three traits 
    • see careers that match all three codes

A few helpful sites are posted in the sections below for your convenience.  Neither W.T. Woodson, Fairfax County Public Schools, nor any of its employees or administrators endorse these sites.  Families need to check each opportunity to ensure it is appropriate for their student(s).


Naviance Student -  Every student's Naviance Student account offers the perfect place to store resume information while in a FCPS high school.

  • click the About Me dropdown
  • click My Stuff
  • click Resume
  • enter all of your wonderful doings by creating an entry for each activity (enter both in school-related activities and community activities.
  • use the resume builder to create a first draft.
    • copy that draft and paste it into a word processing program to edit and perfect it.
    • re-order according to your target scholarship, volunteer opportunity, or employment opportunity.
    • rename section titles to give the best impression for your goal

George Mason University's Career Readiness Guide - Presented by University Career Services.  Excellent discussion of resumes and an excellent collection of action verbs.  (Don't let college experiences/degree examples get in your way.  High school students also have great experiences to share!) 

Yale Office of Career Strategy, Resumes - A great discussion covering formatting, common errors, and interesting before/after examples.




  • Look for a job
    • Match your interests, personality, and needs
      • With opportunities for advancement
      • With opportunities for continued education
    • Match with job requirements
      • Do you have the skills the job requires?
      • Can you learn them quickly?
    • Are there specific requirements you can’t change
      • Do you meet the physical requirements for the job?
      • An employer must agree to follow laws relevant to age.  Legal requirements may differ with employee age.  If you are less than 16 years of age, you’ll need a work permit.  Visit:
  • Give yourself every opportunity.
  • Remember to use your "network." 80 - 90% of jobs go to those who are known or referred by a known reference.
  • Keep trying, no matter how many times you are told "No." There IS a "Yes" waiting for you.

Fairfax County Human Resources - Complete listings of openings in Fairfax County.

Virginia Employment Commission - Works to connect employers and employees.

U.S. Department of Labor - A comprehensive site for workers.




Dressing for the Interview - Specific information for a professional position interview from Virginia Tech's Division of Student Affairs

Monster Articles - Get a good perspective from an on-line giant in the business.


George Mason University's Career Readiness Guide - Presented by University Career Services, this guide has a good section on interviewing.

Preparing a Portfolio - A discussion of the portfolio and its usefullness.

VA Tech's Interviewing Skills Guide - After you read the body of text, be sure to follow all the links on the right.