Senior Spotlight - James Jin

By James Jin
June 10, 2020
James Jin
James Jin

1) What has been your biggest disappointment/hardship since schools have been closed for the remainder of the academic year?

The biggest disappointment for me is not in a school standpoint, but in my social life as well as my plans for the rest of the year. I was looking forward to going to prom, graduation parties, the overnight annual Cav Cruise, and the best part of high school, graduation with the class of 2020. Being someone who has been around sports all my life, not being able to freely go outside has also been frustrating as well as disappointing, but there are always solutions and remedies for every problem, so I have been adjusting well. I just wish graduation, along with being able to be with friends who I may never meet again for a long time, would have been happening right now as the year winds down. Those are my biggest disappointments, because I was not able to fully live the best year of high school and the best time in someone's high school life.

2) What are your plans for the fall?

My plan is to major in business at George Mason University as an Honors college student. 

3) How have your plans changed, if at all?

I had wanted to originally go to Virginia Tech or play college football, but as of now, I will be attending freshman year at GMU. My plans had changed a lot because I had been so serious about playing at the next level, however after much thought and consideration, I thought it was best to stay home and save up money to think brighter in the future and try to live loan-free or have as little debt possible.

4) What have you learned about yourself since the COVID-19 closures?

I have learned I should have used my free time more wisely during the school year and have had the motivation to run outside or do other activities such as hiking. I now realize if I had worked this hard to get back to shape, losing weight, and running hard every day, I could have been a better football and basketball player and have less regrets than I had after the football season ended. This quarantine has made me start going outside to run, when all through high school I never went on a run as a form of exercise. The bad thing is I spend way too much time on my phone, so COVID-19 gave me even more insight into how much phone usage I have outside of school when I am not doing anything. I need to start changing my bad habits.

5) What is your passion?

My passion is to always be the best person I can be for people who look up to me as their role models. I live by peace and love and positivity all the time and try to never bring negativity to the world. One day, my dream is to start my own business and do outreach to the mentally disabled, the impoverished, and people in serious need--and bring them sports, activities that I had enjoyed as a kid, and try to be a mentor to show them the joys of the "normal" youth life that they are unable to live in because of their situations. My passion is to try to change one person a day, at least to try and better the world one tiny step at a time, to allow people to not hate or discriminate but always be peaceful and loving and caring to everyone around them, no matter what. Peace and love is what I am usually known for, because I text it and say it so often. M, and my passion is to one day use that as my motto and catch phrase for my business, because my passion is to change the world and bring happiness to all.

6) Have you discovered a new passion in light of social distancing?

Throughout the quarantine, my passion to one day help and be such a big impact has increased even more since I have more time to think and carefully examine my life and those around me. A new passion I have found was making songs and creating lyrics that send a message. I have always wanted to make music, but never had the resources, but now with this quarantine, I have been sitting down and trying to make really powerful messages through my lyrics to one day reach people around me and let them know they are loved, not alone, or that I am here for them.

7) What are your hopes for the future?

My hopes for the future is to learn about business and be able to apply and use it to my advantage for my future endeavors. I am looking to start out working as a regular employee at a business after I complete my four years at college and then, after a couple more years, start gaining a resume and a following to then start my own business. I hope to follow and fulfill a 15 year plan I have set for myself.

8) Is there anything else you’d like us to know about you?

I am Korean and I love to carry that pride and culture with me all the time, because it is my identity and what defines me. Also, I am very proud of being who I am and being able to fight through so much hate and negativity I have experienced throughout high school.

9) What are you most proud of about your school experience/best memory?

I am most proud of being able to maintain a 4.0 GPA while being a two sport varsity athlete as well. Also, I am proud that I got to experience a district championship and be in the environment of a roaring crowd and a student section who brought so much energy. I am also proud that I finally did it, I finally reached the end of my high school life amidst the struggle and times of suffering.