WTW 2020 Yearbook Information

July 09, 2019

Sale of Yearbook

Parents and students: The yearbook needs pictures from your summer adventures. We’d love images of Woodson kids at summer jobs, at the pool (summer swim team photos especially wanted), summer travels, backyard goings on, etc.

You can share your pictures with the yearbook staff via eShare.  You can do this two easy ways.

  1. Go to www.HJeShare.com and enter the school code: wtwoodson
  2. Download the HJeShare app for iPhone or Android at the App Store or Google Play. Again, the school code: wtwoodson

Either place will give you instructions on uploading your images and letting the yearbook staff know who is in the pictures!


While we cannot guarantee that all shared photos will be published, if you don’t share, your great pictures can’t even be considered! Start sharing today!

Contact Beth Koby, yearbook adviser, if you have problems. ewkoby@fcps.edu



Reserve your yearbook

Did you know what last year’s yearbook sold out? Did you know that the 2020 yearbook will never be cheaper than it is today?

Order your yearbook now, before the crush of the school year!

Simply follow this link:


Place a senior baby ad

Where did the time go? Place your special pictures and messages in the 2020 yearbook to treasure the memories forever.

Go to https://www.yearbookordercenter.com/index.cfm/job/5278 for sizes, prices and how-tos.