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Standardized Tests for College

Either an ACT or SAT test is frequently requested by colleges for admission purposes. With few exceptions, colleges that require this type of testing will accept either test. (Always check each college site to ensure that you understand all test requirements.) Most colleges will take a student's highest SAT math and highest SAT verbal score. For test hints, more information, and to register online go to: for the ACT test and for the SAT test. Some colleges also require SAT Subject tests. Most students take these tests the spring of their Junior year. Check carefully to ensure you are fully prepared.

Test Optional Colleges

Some colleges are "test optional."  Read the fine print.  Often there are requirements that must be met to use this option.  At some schools, using this option could limit the scholarships for which a student can qualify.  If a college is truly completely "test optional,"  consider whether your test scores will help in the admissions process or not.

Registration Procedures

With the advent of photo requirements, registration rules have some firm guidelines and dates. Last-minute changes are no longer possible. Be sure you know all rules and deadlines.

  • ACT Photo Submission Requirements -
  • ACT registration -
  • ACT Accommodations - speak with Najet Bensalem in Student Learning
    • Allow at least 3-4 weeks before registering for the ACT.
    • Register no later than 4 weeks before the test - after getting accommodations..
    • Must request accommodations every year.
  • SAT Registration Information - summary, including photo requirements at
  • SAT Registration at
  • SAT Accommodations - speak with Najet Bensalem in Student Learning
    • Allow 7 - 8 weeks to get accommodations.
    • Register at least 6 weeks before the test - after getting accommodations.
    • Accommodations are good for three (3) years.


Go to for complete details, hints, sample tests, and practice options.

ACT reports scored in five sections:

  • English
  • Math
  • Reading
  • Science
  • Writing (optional part of the test, often required by colleges)
  • Score range is 1 - 36 for each section
  • Single composite score of all sections but writing has a range of of 1 - 36.
  • Average composite score is ~21.
  • Only correct answers are scored. Always best to know the correct answer, but random guessing won't penalize.
  • Difficult and easy questions are mixed. The first question could be the most difficult. Test-takers need to know how to skip questions that they can't answer and return to them once all of the easy questions are answered to receive the highest score.
  • ACT only sends scores from test sittings chosen by the student. Few colleges select the highest individual score from multiple tests to create a "super score" for the ACT.



Go to for complete details, hints, sample tests, and practice options. Should you need to call about testing, you can call toll-free at 866.756.7346.

Two types of SAT testing:

  • Reasoning Test - called the SAT, are a common requirement option.
  • Subject Tests - called SAT Subject tests,
    • are achievements tests that demonstrate learned knowledge in a subject area.
    • are required by a limited number of colleges. Must check with college to see if any are required and if there are specific test requirements.

SAT Reasoning Test reports scores in three possible categories:

  • Evidence-Based Reading and Writing
    • Reading Test
    • Writing and Language Test
  • Math Test
  • (Optional Essay)

SAT Scoring

  • Score range for the first two categories is 200 - 800.
  • Only correct answers are scored. Always best to know the correct answer, but random guessing won't penalize.
  • Many colleges "superscore," using the highest score in an SAT category when the student reports all SAT testing scores. Give yourself every advantage.Leave the "score choice" blank, and all testing scores will be sent to colleges.
  • (Scoring for the optional essay is done in three parts with a score ranging from 2 - 8 points for each part:)
    • Reading comprehension
    • Analysis
    • Writing


The College Board has created a report showing how colleges view SAT test scores. Discover if they pick the highest subcategory score from multiple tests, or the best test sitting from multiple tests? Discover if they require all testing scores? Find a listing published by the College Board in September at:

TOEFL (Test of English as a Second Language)

Registration for the TOEFL iBT fills up very quickly, so register as soon as possible. A new feature will enable you to view which test dates and locations have availability. Go to the Learners and Test Takers section at and select TOEFL Test Centers. The site is updated every 24 hours. To register, visit the registration section of the website. Learn what is on the test at and take a practice test at (not free.). ETS sells a number of publications to assist study. Check with the public library to see if any are there.

College Testing Calendars

ACT Testing Calendar is available at:, Scroll down a bit and Click National Test the left-hand menu.


SAT Testing Calendar is available at: